A Plea for our Children

I recently saw a video on the heinous treatment of a harmless little boy who could not protest against his treatment.

BabyP as the courts have directed him to be called,  lived a life of utter despair. His mother found herself someone new who was nothing less than heartless. Their treatment of this little boy was simply unbelievable. His back was broken and he was tortured in more ways than we can imagine. Eventually, mercifully, he was murdered which released him from his torturous life.

This is an impassioned plea for parents, however young, to love and care for the precious life which has been entrusted to them.  Having a baby is rarely an easy task. They are not dolls and are forced to make demands on their tired parents. Babies cannot change their own nappies, they cannot feed themselves. They need their parents to care for them.

When we bring a child into the world we make a commitment to love, care for and nurture that special little being so that he will grow up to be all that God meant him to be. Becoming a parent is a wonderful blessing and a huge responsibility.  It means sacrificing your own freedom to care for and raise a child to become a happy, healthy adult. It does not mean that we have the right to harm him because he is a burden to us.

Parents who do these things to children deserve the punishment the courts meet out to them. However I wonder sometimes why it takes so long to act on the behalf of little people who cannot speak out for themselves. How many must die before we find a way to stop this cruelty. I don’t believe that we should give government more powers but I do think that there are times when they need to investigate more thoroughly rather than just make notes on behaviours.

Also if you are a parent who sometimes feels that they are in danger of perhaps going over the edge and seriously harming your child. Please, please, please seek help. If you can’t access support from your parents or other family members then approach others. Counselling services abound in every area, visit your local church and ask for help (you don’t need to be a member). If all you need is a break to sleep perhaps your friends might take your little one for a few hours at least.

Protect yourself, protect your child and go on to feel fulfilled in a way you could never dream. Don’t feel cheated of a life but embrace the future with hope and joy.

P.S. If you would like to see a video about this little fellow initiate a You Tube search for babyP. There is much there. I do apologize but I could not seem to make this particular video embed here.

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