The Message of the Skirt.

I’ve got to tell you this story, I just have to ^_^.

As most people know, we women (regardless of age) love to buy clothes. I am no exception. This being the case the majority of holidays (or vacations) taken with my daughter and myself involve a lot of shopping.

On our most recent holiday the family went on a day trip to our favourite shopping mall in another state. Each of us looking for a specific item of clothing. I spent the day looking for a grey skirt (had been looking on and off for a week actually) but right at the end of the day there it was! It was exactly the shade I wanted so I grabbed it and victoriously brought it back to my sons’ home. There I carefully laid it in the suitcase with visions of wearing it to church when we went home. Mission accomplished.

On arrival home I dutifully wore the skirt that first memorable Sunday. I was sure it looked great! First comment over a cup of tea “I like your skirt.” Now I felt good. “But you might like to look at the cotton on your hem.” Well it did seem like it was a little unraveled but I decided to ignore it and press on regardless to a restaurant for lunch with friends. I would deal with it later this evening at home.

Being a busy time of day we were forced to park quite a way from the restaurant. The shortest route was through an unkempt park but off we went. Next remark “It might be best to hide that cotton in your boots, it seems to be getting longer.” It was and I did.

On leaving the restaurant we walked through that park again. This time the unraveled cotton streamed behind me like a hideous and embarrassing train. Hubby (my hero) now remembered a penknife he had put in the car so off he went to find it. I carefully picked my way through the park but on getting to the other side realized I could not walk correctly. Something seemed to be holding me back, getting in the way of walking.

Finally at the car we examined the hem again and there was a small twig which we assumed to be the problem. My hero hubby took the trusty penknife and severed both cotton and the entangled twig. There was of course a small lecture on checking goods before we buy them but you get that!

On arrival at our next appointment I was not feeling so good about this new skirt – it definitely did not seem so glamorous now. Again I found it hard to walk so there, in front of everyone, hubby put his knife to work on an even larger length of cotton tightly wrapped around an even larger twig. Peals of laughter all around. My glorious skirt was definitely not looking its best – things are not always as they seem I guess.

God taught me something from that skirt. It could represent our lives. We want to walk with God and we genuinely want people to come to Him. So sometimes we take action without first examining the action we plan to take. We skip going to church (after all its only once) and we say we will go next week but we don’t. After a while our friends tell us that they miss us. We tell them its fine and we will be back in a week or two.

Then we continue on with our lives getting busier and busier. We become careless about spending time with God and reading His word. Just as I did not notice the cotton train on my skirt unraveling even more we do not notice that our relationship with God is not the same as it was.

Finally even we realize that the things that we considered important enough to keep us from obeying God and spending time with Him and with His people, are now hindering our walk with Him. No satisfaction here now!

My husband found a solution and attacked the skirt with a knife twice to fix the problem to some extent. I will of course have to repair it at some point. God is different though. John simply says “If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” (1 John 1:9) The forgiveness is immediate, the cleansing often takes time.

I’m grateful for the experience and the lesson it taught.  My prayer is that all who read this may heed the message of the skirt and take whatever action God would have you to take in order to live a life free from all hindrance before Him. I did and I am grateful.

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