Death by Chocolate

This was a big hit in our family over the Christmas break. Here in Australia Christmas falls on the hottest part of the year. No snow for us believe me!

The school holidays last for six weeks as the weather makes learning after lunch almost impossible. So we spend a lot of that time at the beach, at the river or at the local swimming pool. If those avenues to cool down are not available then we loll around the house reading, watching t.v. or sleeping away the stifling heat.

Six weeks can be a long time for school age children and boredom can be a challenge. So one morning the kids woke to signs welcoming them to “Death By Chocolate Day.” Here is how it went:

Breakfast: Cocoa Pops
Morning Tea: Chocolate Pop Tarts
Lunch: Sandwiches made of chocolate spread and strawberries
Afternoon Tea: Chocolate chip cookies and milk
Tea: Salad (they were begging for it lol)
Dessert: Ice Cream with chocolate flavouring [if they wanted it – most didn’t. Can’t imagine why not :)]

We watched an afternoon dvd.  You guessed it Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  We know chocolate is junk food but not much of that is available in our home and it sure was not requested for quite a while after. It was a great day and a huge memory builder.  Probably should have offered certificates after that I guess!

If you would like to make your own version of this idea check out this offer of a great chocolate recipe book available on the web. Here is the link:

Or just click the banner on the welcome page. Enter your email address so the book can be sent. I have it as I am a shameless choc-o-holic. It’s well worth the small investment.