Let me tell you about our family. I am a christian woman who married a christian man. After forming a family of four children my husband wanted to fulfil his dream of owning a business on the New South Wales coast five hours from family and friends. His dream ended up as our nightmare when he left me and the four children eight weeks later. I was left in a strange place with four children and a failing business.

Obviously I was dealing with feelings of rejection and all the negative feelings and emotions that a failed marriage brings with it. It was a huge temptation to give in to all this and just give up. However God showed me that my children were also struggling with the same feelings. My giving up would mean that they lost both parents and would wonder what they had done to cause such devastation in the family. We lost our business but I resolved to follow Gods’ leading in building up my children and showing them our worth in Christ.

So began a wonderful adventure of discovery. We now lived on the coast and spent much time walking together on the beach, spending Sunday afternoons picnicking and swimming on other beaches. Summer evenings were spent playing board games with friends and family. Not having to worry about the business left more time to spend with the children and I found myself understanding them and enjoying each one because of their individual personalities. It was even common to pack a breakfast and walk to the beach and spend a pleasant hour or two there. We played together, worshiped together and sometimes prayed together.

During this time we were forced to live in a caravan as normal rent was beyond our means yet we all have fond memories of that time. Difficult as it was in many respects I would not change any of it. Discovering my family was a life changing event and definitely worth all the time and effort it took.

I would like all who read this to experience that same sense of joy in their family. I certainly hope you don’t experience a failed marriage though! Whether you continue with the programme I offer here or not, please take the time to unplug from your busy schedule and plug into the wonderful family God has given you at least once a week. You will be blessed by the experience.

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Unplug from the world, plug into the family.