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Effective Parenting means the Effective Use of Time

At the risk of repeating myseif I believe that effective parenting means the effective use of time.

Parents are expected to be all things to all people it seems. In some cases we women in particular feel that we must live our lives in the fast forward lane, much like this harried mum:

Since embarking on this learning curve of doing my best to help families through the internet. I have needed to re-learn this basic skill.
Time is a not to be replaced  commodity. There are twenty four hours in any one given day and that is all there are. If we squander the time we have we cannot get it back. It is gone forever.
So while we need to accomplish the basic household tasks in order to live our lives in peace and harmony. No parent who wants to swap the job of parenting for one of housekeeper and taxi driver. Definitely an easy trap to fall into.
Lists are the only way to keep organized in my humble opinion. Knowing what the day holds and that it has some form of organization to it helps to keep us all sane when meltdowns and interruptions threaten our well thought out and organized daily plan.
Lists are not the be all and end all. They ought not to rule our day. Yet when our wonderful list was changed by circumstance we can still look back at that list with some sort of satisfaction. On days like that I personally smile and say “Oh well, I got the beds made and the tea cooked!” Was the day a failure – no way.
At the moment I am in love with lists, lists for birthdays, lists for Christmas, lists for an upcoming holiday, lists for the day. In fact I reckon it would be fun to spend a whole day just making lists lol. Come to think of it perhaps I will put that on my daily list one day ^_^.
Anyway lists are great and if you would like to take part in what I currently feel is my sort of heaven, why not take a look at this. As far as list making goes, this is the best idea I have seen. Click Here!
Have fun,

If I was Eve what would I have felt?

On reading through Genesis 3 these thoughts came to mind. I thought they might be of interest to others.

If I was Eve what would I thought, what would I have felt?

Eve was created from man and given by God to Adam as someone able to be his equal in all respects. She was mentally, physically and spiritually on a par with her husband. Theirs was the perfect union – no arguments, no squabbles, loyalty to each other and an unquestioning obedience to God who met with them every day. All was perfect until that fateful day when the snake approached Eve.

We all know that the serpent initiated that conversation. He carefully planted the seed of doubt in her mind as to God’s integrity and motivation for stopping the couple from eating the fruit of the tree of good and evil. Up to this point since Eve didn’t question God she had not taken much notice of the tree really. I believe this because Gen 3 says “when the woman saw…” Now Satan points out how appealing the fruit on the tree really is. He tells her that God doesn’t want them to eat it because they will then be as wise as God Himself but God had already given them the reason as to why they shouldn’t eat it. All Eve sees now are benefits and she reaches for the fruit and eats it. Adam had been there all along listening and watching so when Eve gave him the fruit he ate it. Why?

Adam and Eve were obviously both extremely intelligent people after all, Adam alone named every animal God created. God said that everything He had made was good and He made Eve from Adam. Everything God makes is perfect so there were no flaws in their development or intellect. Could it be that Adam had experienced loneliness before God gave Eve and he did not want to go there again? Who really knows?

Suddenly each of them knew that they had changed. It started with the clothing, then hiding from God because they knew they had done wrong. It ended with the curse and being barred from Eden.

How would Eve have felt? Did she experience feelings of guilt? She couldn’t foresee the future but she saw the results of her sin immediately. Could she possibly have thought “If only I hadn’t listened.”

God said “in sorrow you shall bring forth children.” For Eve it would have been a bitter sweet moment when her first child was born. First there was the pain – a new experience not seen in Eden. Then would follow the regret that he could not just walk in the garden picking fruit to eat and enjoying their happy family and their daily walks with God Himself. No, her child would need to grow up and take his place with Adam working to supply the family needs. Adam and Eve would have noticed the aging process in their bodies and both would desperately miss their previous life. It is possible that Eve would be sorrowful that her children and all to follow would now experience death and a whole host of negative, sometimes evil thoughts and emotions which God had not wanted us to feel.

God also said “your desire shall be to your husband.” What a protection. From now on Eve could avoid any more of this situation simply by asking her husband what he thought before acting out her own desires. Eve knew that she could be deceived but now she wasn’t alone. Her husband had made a decision to stay with her when he ate the fruit, he did nothing to stop it happening, but now God makes him Eves’ protector and provider. If Eve did feel guilt at her actions Adams action and Gods’ ruling should have at least alleviated that to some extent.

Adam would no longer stand by helplessly as God outlined his new position. What a sense of loss they must both have felt, but what a sense of hope as they realized that God would one day bring an end to their suffering.  How great a God do we really serve!


It seems to me that when we  from something we need to  to something else. Our purpose here  is to reconnect to each member of our family and what better time to start than on Valentines Day.

Traditionally I do understand that Valentines Day is about love between couples but I personally can’t see why we can’t take that day to celebrate the love between all family members. There are many ways to do this but because I am a grandma love in our home is often shown around meals when the family visit. My suggestion:

1. Invite the extended family to a meal if that is possible.

2. Plan a love centred meal i.e. a special meal followed by dessert made

by the children with your help. One possibility would be heart

shaped biscuits (cookies) sandwiched together with ice cream

and dusted with castor sugar.

3, Decorate the table with heart shaped place mats and place heart

shaped chocolates for nibblies on the table.

For a great evening why not watch a movie together. Grandmas suggestion would be “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown” but I am sure there are others the family would enjoy. I happen to think this one is great.

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown (Remastered Deluxe Edition)

To end what ought to be a wonderful evening, as each one either leaves for home or goes to bed perhaps you could present them with a small poster titled “Some thoughts on Love”. You could make this yourself quite easily or I would be happy to send some thoughts free, gratis and for nix if you provide me your email.

Reschooling to Build Lasting Families

Oh my goodness, you found us, how cool is that? Let’s talk about families.

Ever feel that families today are under seige?  Do you often wish that you could take the family and live on a desert island just so you can be alone together? We need to relearn how to appreciate and build our children up to be all that they can be, all that God created them to be.  Yet many of us have had less than perfect pasts.  We have no idea  how to even begin! It seems such a daunting task.   Take a look at the “about” page to see how God taught me!

Your children are a gift from God, He trusts you to raise them for Him. Can there be any higher calling than that? Families Unplugged is really about going back to school in a sense and learning together how to spend time with our children.  It is about enjoying them, having fun with them and about introducing them to the love God has for them.

The desert island solution isn’t available to many but by joining Families Unplugged you will be making a deliberate commitment to one or two hours a week with your family.  It means unplugging from the outside world and focussing on each other. Joining us means that you celebrate each person in your family and extended family. It means that you appreciate the differences in people and the unique perspectives they bring to family life.

Building a family is a lifetime experience.  Here at we want to help you to accomplish your task.  Check us out by trialling the programme.  This is your opportunity to unplug from the world by turning off all the electronic devices in your home (computers, mobile phones etc) and to plug into each other without distraction.

Here at Families Unplugged  we genuinely want to help you to build strong, loving and caring families where each member will feel valued and wanted. I can’t think of any greater goal than this.

So go for it! Start now to build a wonderful family built on love and respect for each other and for God.  We look forward to working together with you to raise contented, God reliant children who will make a positive difference now and in the future!

Your willingness to serve God in this way should be applauded.

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