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Effective Parenting means the Effective Use of Time

At the risk of repeating myseif I believe that effective parenting means the effective use of time.

Parents are expected to be all things to all people it seems. In some cases we women in particular feel that we must live our lives in the fast forward lane, much like this harried mum:

Since embarking on this learning curve of doing my best to help families through the internet. I have needed to re-learn this basic skill.
Time is a not to be replaced  commodity. There are twenty four hours in any one given day and that is all there are. If we squander the time we have we cannot get it back. It is gone forever.
So while we need to accomplish the basic household tasks in order to live our lives in peace and harmony. No parent who wants to swap the job of parenting for one of housekeeper and taxi driver. Definitely an easy trap to fall into.
Lists are the only way to keep organized in my humble opinion. Knowing what the day holds and that it has some form of organization to it helps to keep us all sane when meltdowns and interruptions threaten our well thought out and organized daily plan.
Lists are not the be all and end all. They ought not to rule our day. Yet when our wonderful list was changed by circumstance we can still look back at that list with some sort of satisfaction. On days like that I personally smile and say “Oh well, I got the beds made and the tea cooked!” Was the day a failure – no way.
At the moment I am in love with lists, lists for birthdays, lists for Christmas, lists for an upcoming holiday, lists for the day. In fact I reckon it would be fun to spend a whole day just making lists lol. Come to think of it perhaps I will put that on my daily list one day ^_^.
Anyway lists are great and if you would like to take part in what I currently feel is my sort of heaven, why not take a look at this. As far as list making goes, this is the best idea I have seen. Click Here!
Have fun,


It seems to me that when we  from something we need to  to something else. Our purpose here  is to reconnect to each member of our family and what better time to start than on Valentines Day.

Traditionally I do understand that Valentines Day is about love between couples but I personally can’t see why we can’t take that day to celebrate the love between all family members. There are many ways to do this but because I am a grandma love in our home is often shown around meals when the family visit. My suggestion:

1. Invite the extended family to a meal if that is possible.

2. Plan a love centred meal i.e. a special meal followed by dessert made

by the children with your help. One possibility would be heart

shaped biscuits (cookies) sandwiched together with ice cream

and dusted with castor sugar.

3, Decorate the table with heart shaped place mats and place heart

shaped chocolates for nibblies on the table.

For a great evening why not watch a movie together. Grandmas suggestion would be “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown” but I am sure there are others the family would enjoy. I happen to think this one is great.

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown (Remastered Deluxe Edition)

To end what ought to be a wonderful evening, as each one either leaves for home or goes to bed perhaps you could present them with a small poster titled “Some thoughts on Love”. You could make this yourself quite easily or I would be happy to send some thoughts free, gratis and for nix if you provide me your email.