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On the Purpose of Herbs and Dogs

Sometimes the purposes of God never cease to astound me. Nothing He does is by chance but by design.

For many years my husband and I have had an interest in herbs. We love to grow them, eat them and use them in various ways. At one time we had quite substantial herb gardens. Now, due to a different lifestyle, we simply grow a few herbs which require little maintenance.

Some we grow simply because they look good in the garden. Some are there because their history interests us. Some are edible herbs and we take pleasure in using them in breads and stews for example. One herb would often creep out of the garden and land itself in the lawn. Our neighbour would then comment on the wonderful aroma whenever the lawn was mowed. He said he and his wife would feel more relaxed at those times. Glad we could help!

As we learned about herbs we realized that herbs are more than just plants. In the spoken word of God at creation He actually planned to benefit man through various senses.

We just watched a T.V. show on “medical alert dogs”. These dogs both large and small have abilities way beyond our understanding.

On this programme we learned about a small dog which was trained to alert his owner whenever her diabetes was not balanced. He can let her know if her reading is too high or too low. Great news since she is not always aware of the changes in her glucose levels. Owning the dog gives her much more freedom.

In this same week we met a woman in the local shopping centre who had a medical alert dog with her. She suffers from epilepsy but has found that the dog can warn her of an oncoming seizure. Having the dog as her constant companion means that she can go shopping and is given enough warning to find a quiet corner, lie down and wait it out.

Dogs are used in many ways such as in rescue missions, hunting wild animals to protect them and in some animal eradication programmes to name a few.

Until recently I simply thought that God made dogs as pets but even in this area they serve us. Scientists now say that when we bond with our dog our blood pressure is lowered when we sit and stroke or pat them.

As I write this small article the family dog is lying next to my feet where he has been almost all day. He is a faithful little pet who adds a great deal of pleasure to all of our family.

As a thinking person I find it difficult to believe that all this happened by chance. No, for me, commonsense dictates that only a mind far beyond our comprehension could create such a world and place within it plants and animals for the sole benefit of man and I am in awe of Him!

P.S. I still don’t like the dogs to pee on the herb garden though!