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Make Even Ordinary Days Great

Every day can be great if you want it to be.

Apart from this site my husband and I run www.grandmastoyshop.com.au where we try to provide great toys and gifts that will add some benefit to family life or to individuals within it.

As part of this particular business we attend local markets with some of our products. Recently I attended a relatively small market on the waterfront. At this location there is a busker who mimes his character parts for gold coin donations. This time he brought along a small stereo and proceeded to “play” a harp while occasionally beeping a little hornĀ  in time to the music.

It was a quiet evening with sporadic through traffic. Along came a small family comprised of mum, dad and a young child. They stopped by the busker with mum swaying to the music. The young child joined in with mum while dad took photos. They danced with joy as the busker put away his harp and danced with them beeping only his horn to the beat of the music. Some stall holders joined in while others looked on. The concert lasted three to four tunes before the parents made their donation and moved on.

They moved through the market examining the produce and making several purchases. Their young son was well behaved, occasionally wanting to handle an article which he did with parental supervision. Everyone enjoyed that family and their visit.

Did the nights entertainment cost the family much? Not really and mum explained that there little one displayed a real interest in music so they took every available opportunity to encourage this. They were not pushing him into anything just simply encouraging his interest. They made the evening a good time for everyone near the event.

Seems to me that it had been an average market up until that visit. The family took the opportunity which had presented itself and made the most of it. Perhaps we can do the same.

While we may not break into dance in public places we might find that we have just a few spare moments for a quick phone call to a friend or to write a thank you note for something we saw our children do today.

Even ordinary days can be made into extraordinarily great days by taking things as we come across them. In doing so we just may brighten someone elses’ day also.

Maybe one day you could be involved in something like this :):