Take Action Every Day

I titled this page “Take Action Every Day”  but it appears I fail to take my own advice and pop in here each day with a new action to take. Lord willing the plan is to be more frequent in this area. However sometimes it is not possible and at other times you will find that information has been added in another area on this site. Please understand that this information placed on either the blog or another page is also meant to help us all on our quest to become the people and families that God meant us to be.

Each day I believe is a day to celebrate. To celebrate the life that God has granted us, the family He has given us. Whatever your reason to celebrate the new day, do it with energy and joy. My latest reason to celebrate is the birth of my grandson. Suffice it to say I am proud and grateful. The next reason to celebrate will be when we actually get to make the huge trip to meet him. Now THAT will be worth celebrating!

It will be a tiring trip and when we get there we will all surely be sore and tired from the traveling.  I may actually use something from this book to rejuvenate the skin after such a long drive. Take a look here because I thought that others might benefit from it too.

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Seems to me that sometimes we just need to celebrate ourselves. I will celebrate making the long interstate drive by looking my best when he wakes up to meet grandma. You might celebrate yourself simply because it has been a great day with no real challenges all because you held the family together. Whatever the reason – pamper yourself, you deserve it.

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